This first set of pictures are ones I saw on the way to school in early November. I literally stopped my car on the side of the road to take these pictures because the scenery was simply breathtaking! I thought the mountains were absolutely beautiful, and as I was driving on to school, I was thinking about who could see them. I began saying in my mind, "And To Think That I Saw This On MY Way To School." Thus, this wiki was born!

IMG_3004.JPG IMG_3003.JPG IMG_3005.JPG IMG_3006.JPG IMG_3008.JPG

This I see every morning on my way to school as I walk down my steps to the front door. I love the shape of this window and the tree through it.


I saw this one morning on my way into town for a school meeting. I thought it looked like the clouds were exploding out of the skyline.