Suggested Plan for Utilizing this Wiki

  • The week of February 23 - 27 (or before), read the book and begin to talk about Dr. Seuss. Encourage students to use their eyes to look for marvels. The original idea was to have students look on their way to school, as Marco did. However, if you want your page to be
    • "and to think that I saw it on my way to lunch,"
    • "and to think that I saw it on my way back home,"
    • "and to think that I saw it at my house last night,"
    • "and to think that I saw this in my school today,"
feel free to adapt it to your needs and be as creative as you want.

The big ideas are the verb to see and the cadence or rhythm of the words.
  • Depending upon access to technology and the age of the students, students may take digital photos or draw or write about their finds. Teachers may choose to post one or two a day or you may choose to post more. Use your page in this wiki (see below for more information) to post your student work and share the marvels your students see! Please be mindful of your school division's guidelines for posting student work, student names, etc. and keep your children safe on the Internet!
  • On March 2, Dr. Seuss' birthday, celebrate by reading other schools' wiki posts about what students around the world have seen, and rereading the Mulberry Street book!

Teacher Directions and Guidelines for Use

Each participating teacher should add a page following the standard: StateAbbreviation_Grade_TeacherName. So, my page is: VA_3_Ms.White as I will be doing this project with third graders. If another Ms. White who teaches third grade in Virginia wants to add a page, she can either use FirstnameLastname to distinguish us or can use Ms.White2.

Your page should include the name and location of your school as well as a link to your school's website. If you want to provide additional information,links to your blog, wiki, class or other appropriate pages feel free!

Your wiki page is for your class content only (not comments from others). As others are looking at it, they may have comments, questions, and feedback. Please do not edit the content of anyone else's page. Use the discussion tab associated with a page to make comments and ask questions. You are responsible for monitoring the content of your page. I suggest that you use the notify me tab to receive updates on page edits, which includes discussion comments. Please post any questions you have about this project or this wiki on the discussion tab of this page.

This wiki is open to all ideas and suggestions, so if you have a way of making it more interactive, please suggest away!

Please considering adding educational resources to the Dr._Seuss_Resources wiki page.

Teachers in the United States may also consider using this project as part of the Read Across America celebration.