Ms. White's And To Think Wiki
3rd Grade, Crozet Elementary School, Crozet, VA

On my way to school I saw a limo! A limo is my favorite car!

Every morning I see the peacefull quiet Blue Ridge Mountains in Crozet, Virgina. I like them because I like peace and quiet and they are peace and quiet.


This is a cave drawing I saw on the wall next to the school. It looks like a person.

Maggie, One morning I saw this bright green car:


Sparkly House

This is a sparkly house that I see when I am on the bus. The ice on the top of the house reflects the sunlight making a sparkle.

Ms White:This I see every morning on my way to school as I walk down my steps to the front door. I love the shape of this window and the tree through it.


I saw this one morning on my way into town for a school meeting. I thought it looked like the clouds were exploding out of the skyline.


And To Think That I Saw This On MY Way To School:
There were jet trails ALL over the sky. As I looked around, I saw them in every direction.IMG_4062.JPG IMG_4061.JPG IMG_4060a.jpg
On my way to school, I saw jets still making the trails and it made me wonder why there were so many flying over my community, where they were going, and why they kept flying over. It also made me think about why I could see the trails.

IMG_4058.JPG IMG_4051.JPG
What was special about the weather this particular day that made the trails show up, and how quickly did they disappear? Had these jets been flying around in the dark, or had they just started as daybreak arrived?

IMG_4056.JPG IMG_4047.JPG